Pakistan’s startup culture is full of promise

This piece was published on on 20th Jan 2017. (Above image courtesy This piece is a response to the recent article on Pakistani startups by Mir Muhammad Ali Khan. I have followed with interest, comments and views on his original post and on propakistani, as well as follow up posts and comments. My … Continue reading Pakistan’s startup culture is full of promise

Fear and loathing across the United States

I have been asked by a lot of friends in Pakistan on how to make sense of the US election result. For months, I had been telling them that Hillary will win and Trump had no chance. So, I feel that I have an obligation to help them understand what the hell happened here. How … Continue reading Fear and loathing across the United States

Selecting the next Army Chief

Over the past few months, we have heard and read a lot about the appointment of the next Army Chief of the Pakistan Army. Needless to say, this is probably the only appointment of an Army Chief anywhere in the world which garners so much global and local media attention. Most articles that I have … Continue reading Selecting the next Army Chief

What Kayani said right…

"We in the army understand very well that there should be a very good balance between defence and development. You cannot be spending on defence alone and forgetting about development.  Ultimately, the security of a country is not only that you secure boundaries and borders but it is when people that live in the country … Continue reading What Kayani said right…

An ex-HT recruiter’s view..

In case some of you missed yesterdays article in the Dawn by Majid Nawaz, it is reproduced below. Its an eye-opener for  HT apologists who believe it is leading a 'non-violent' struggle to overthrow governments and establish 'the caliphate'. It interesting how no one ever bothers asking these apologists who has given these HT fanatics the right … Continue reading An ex-HT recruiter’s view..

Hizb-ut-Tahrir Chronicles – Part I

In the summer of 2007 I was invited by a friend to his flat in East London for a discussion on Pakistani politics. The Lawyers movement against General Musharraf was in full-swing and the Pakistani Diaspora in London was energised by events back home. UK branches of Pakistani political parties were holding demonstrations and discussions … Continue reading Hizb-ut-Tahrir Chronicles – Part I